Serbia Fashion Week look


Hello, darlings!

Today’s post is about my outfit from last week’s night at Serbia Fashion Week. My friend invited me the day before and made me so happy. The whole experience was incredible. I enjoyed seeing so many gorgeous creations worn by models. We sat in third row and before we took our seats, Golden Rose goodie bags waited for us. It was my first time watching a fashion show and I loved it! The lights and music were just epic.


“Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.”


Blue jeans, white shirt is more than just Lana del Rey’s lyrics. These two pieces are the perfect match. But, if you want to look more stylish you need a blazer. It will totally upgrade the look. While white shirt and white blazer make this outfit more elegant and classy, ripped jeans give the whole look that edgy vibe. I like adding a bit of contrast to my outfits even though I think the classic pieces are the most effortless and timeless. For the shoes I decided to wear my high heel boots because life is short and I’m even shorter! Finished the look with my Doca cross body bag. I styled my hair with a hair curler, put on some red lipstick to match my red nails and accessorized with a gold-silver hardware watch. 


// Blazer – Mango // Shirt – H&M // Jeans – Koton // Boots – Koton // Bag – Doca //

How do you like my outfit? If you could change one thing about my look what would it be?

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