Sweater weather


Hello everyone!

I decided to show you 3 ways you can style your sweater and my 3 favorite types of sweater necklines.

Ћао свима! 

Одлучила сам да вам покажем 3 начина на које можете комбиновати џемпер и такође моја три омиљена типа изреза на џемперу. 


With a shirt

I consider this way elegant and classy. If you want to achieve that business and strict look this is the right choice for you. It’s basically layering and it’s prefect for Autumn and Spring, when the mornings are cold and the days are warm. 

Овај начин сматрам елегантним и класичним. Ако желите да постигнете тај пословни и строги изглед ово је прави избор за вас. Ради се о слојевитом облачењу и савршено је за јесен и пролеће када су јутра хладна, а дани топли. 

large-25Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetsuperthumb

With a leather jacket

When I see leather jackets, I always think how cool they are and I think of rock ‘n’ roll as well, to be honest. Either way, I love to wear them. Sweaters are something opposite. They are so soft and gentle and leather is, well, leather and because I am all about contrasts I like to match these two items. 

Када видим кожне јакне, увек помислим како су кул и помислим на рокенрол, ако ћемо искрено.Како год, волим да их носим. Џемпери су нешто супротно. Они су мекани и нежни, а кожа је па, кожа, а пошто сам ја скроз за контрасте волим да комбинујем ова два комада. 


With a coat

Sweaters and coats match 100%. So, this makes an easy choice. If you’re in a hurry but still want to look great and like you’ve made an effort then these are one of those effortless looks you can quickly achieve. 

Џемпери и капути се подударају 100% . Ово је лак избор. Ако сте у журби а и даље желите да изгледате сјајно и као да сте уложили труд у вашу комбинацију онда су ово једни од оних effortless изгледа које можете брзо постићи. 


My top 3 neckline types are boat-neck, turtleneck and crew-neck. Scroll down to see why.

Омиљена три изреза су ми чамац изрез, ролка и округао изрез. У наставку поста видите зашто.


I’ve seen many boat-neck sweaters this Winter and it’s probably because back in the Summer people were crazy about off-shoulder tops. I honestly like them because your collarbone is visible when you wear them and also because chokers look great with that type of neckline.

Видела сам пуно џемпера са чамац изрезом ове зиме, а претпостављам да је то делом због тога што су се летос баш носиле блузе и кошуље без рамена. Искрено ми се свиђају јер се у њима види кључна кост а и зато што се чокери могу лепо искомбиновати са таквом врстом изреза. 



Turtlenecks are great because you don’t need a scarf to wear with them, even though I always wear one because I am always cold. But in a way I consider turtleneck actually like an accessory and we all know the rule – “It’s all about the details”. 

Ролке су супер је вам не треба шал уз њих, иако ја увек носим шал јер ми је увек хладно. Али на неки начин сматрам ролке као џемпере са модним детаљом а сви знамо правило – ,,Све је у детаљима”.



Crew-neck sweaters are basics. You can never go wrong with white shirt, blue jeans or black coat and crew-neck sweater as well. I also love V-neck but lately I rather pick a crew-neck sweater than a V-neck one. Crew-neck sweater looks nice with a shirt underneath. 

Џемпери са округлим изрезом су основе. Не можете никад погрешити са белом кошуљом, плавим фармерицама или црним капутом, па тако и са џемпером са округлим изрезом. Такође волим и V изрез, али у последње време радије бирам округао изрез на џемперу него V изрез.  Џемпери са округлим изрезом изгледају лепо са кошуљом испод. 


All photos are taken from We Heart It

How do you wear your sweaters? Which type of neckline do you prefer?

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  1. I love jumpers at the moment, so snuggly


  2. Sweater & leather jacket combo is my all-time favourite 🙂
    I’ve been super obsessed to these during this Winter haha 😀 they’re so warm & cosy at the same time!


  3. I love sweater weather! I wish it was sweater weather all year round. I guess it is for some people, depending on where they live. Lucky them.


  4. I really need to grab a few more sweaters as the cold weather just doesn’t seem to be easing up anytime soon x


  5. The title reminds me of the song ‘sweater weather’ , I love jumpers with coats and jackets.


  6. Crew neck sweater is looking cool, but these sweaters are for women but anyways i like crew neck sweater and it looks cool


  7. I like to have sweater + vest. 🙂 What comes to neckline I have a lot of different ones but lately I’ve fallen in love with turtlenecks.


  8. Love the photos you have used! I love all the kind of sweaters, i like to feel warm as much as can and what a better way than a wool turtleneck sweater?


  9. Atzimba • Blossom & Balance February 7, 2017 — 13:35

    I love love love the cozy looks. It’s actually been very cold here in San Diego so it’s time to break out my faux coats and style up some warm vibes like the ones you shared. 🙂


  10. I love sweater weather! Everything here is lovely, there’s something about layering that I really enjoy. It feels cozy!


  11. I love wearing my jumper with a skirt for work or skinny jeans at home, and the boatneck is definitely my favourite style!


  12. Lots of good sweaters! I personally love the one of acne most! What’s better than a leather jacket by the way! I have more than 3 myself 🙂


  13. These are so cute, I love sweaters. But living in South Texas these are not an option most of the time!


  14. I usually do it with just jeans or leggings but these are such cute styles, I will def put together something similar!


  15. Sweater with coat always look fine, but with leather… I guess it won’t be as easy as mixing and matching sweater with coat.


  16. I usually wear mine with jeans or yoga pants .. but I’m thinking I need to branch out a bit and follow your lead! Thanks for beautiful inspiration!


  17. I’m building my winter capsule for coming winter! Beautiful style inspiration 🙂


  18. Personally I love pairing a sweater with a leather jacket, it’s like that mix of fem and edgy. Also the sleeves are a great one too, especially during the fall/winter


  19. Jumpers are my favourite! Thanks for sharingn


  20. Every one of these is gorgeous! Thanks for the styling tips!


  21. I love all of these sweaters and the inspiration to style them is just perfect!


  22. Love to layer my sweaters! and love the grey and pink combo!
    xo, Margot


  23. A lovely jumper – I really like the style. They look very comfortable and warm – You could easily wear them out as well. My wife would have to be careful though as our dogs would try and steal them!


  24. I love love love the boat neck shirts. They’re a little bit sexy and all kinds of classy.
    Katja xxx


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