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Hello darlings!

I thought a lot about how I really feel good about myself when my room is tidy. I know, you’re probably asking yourselves why do I sound like your mom, but let’s face it. If the space around you is clean and tidy, you should feel more relaxed and peaceful. Even if you don’t trust me, try it. 

When you feel nice about the space you’re in, you’re going to do things you need to do easier, because unfortunately we are just people and everything around us affects us.

So, I suggest that you need to organize your space better. When you come home from school/work, put things on their place so you won’t waste time searching for them. If you have a chair with a pile of clothes you’ll never know what’s clean and what is not. Also, if you have a lot of books on your desk you’ll never make yourself to approach them. Keep things where they should be, and most importantly do one thing at a time. Multitasking is great when you have limited time, but it’s going to drive you crazy if it becomes your lifestyle. 

Здраво драги моји! Много сам размишљала о томе како се осећам добро кад ми је соба уредна. Знам, вероватно се питате зашто звучим као ваша мама, али хајде да се суочимо са тим. Ако је простор око вас чист и уредан, требало би да се осећате опуштеније и мирније. Иако ми не верујете, немате шта да изгубите ако пробате. 

Када се осећате лепо због простора у којем се налазите, лакше ћете урадити ствари које треба да урадите. Ипак на крају, ми смо само људи и нажалост, све око нас утиче на нас.

Оно што ја предлажем јесте да треба да организујете боље ваш простор. Када дођете кући из школе/са посла, вратите ствари на место. Тако да када вам те исте ствари буду требале нећете изгубити време тражећи их. Ако имате столицу на коју одлажете сву своју одећу, никада нећете знати шта је чисто, а шта није. Држите ствари на свом месту. Најважније, радите једну по једну ствар. Радити више ствари у исто време је добро када имате ограничено време, али ако вам то постане начин живота, само ћете полудети. 


Recreate space

If you actually don’t have enough room for your work then recreate space. It’s not realistic to think everyone has everything they need in life but it’s the work that counts. Window with a nice view is, I dare to say, awesome for you and your work, if you don’t need much space. Kitchen table is good enough for your work space. Sometimes you don’t even need to get up from the bed to work – it’s comfy and warm. How about working while chilling by the pool?

Everything is possible when we motivate ourselves. Magic happens when we stop making excuses. Sometimes all we need are fresh roses, coffee and nice scented candle. 

Ако је недостатак просора оно што вас брине, онда претворите већ заузети простор у простор за рад. Није реално очекивати да свако има све што им треба у животу, али рад је тај који се рачуна. Прозор са лепим погледом је, усуђујем се рећи, сјајан за ваш и ваш посао, ако вам не треба пуно простора. Кухињски сто је довољно добар за радно окружење. Понекад не морате ни устати из кревета да бисте радили – удобно је и топло. А шта кажете на то да радите покрај базена?

Све је могуће док се мотивишемо. Магија се дешава када престанемо да стварамо изговоре. Понекад су свеже руже, кафа и миришљава свећа све што нам треба. 


How much time do you spend working at home? How does your work space look?

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Lots of love, BS


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  1. Totally agree!! Having a neat workspace (and room) helps me a lot as well as it just makes me focus better/be more efficient! 🙂


  2. These all look so pretty!
    I love to keep my work space as clean and open as possible, for some reason it seems to inspire me more than the usual mess that’s going on around the apartment haha 😀


  3. This is some amazing workspace inspiration – i gotta admit that my workspace is a mess currently… Luckily I only work from home during the evenings as I work almost fulltime at the moment 🙂


  4. I like my work space clean and organized as i work at home, both for my work and for my blog. I like candles and small green plants around me. Love your photo collection!


  5. Love this post! I work from home in the evenings and like you love having my space clean and tidy! Love your work space as well.


  6. What beautiful pictures and such a lovely place! I love being able to look outside while I work.


  7. It is true. When you have a clean space to work in, it makes everything much better I agree x


  8. I am very envious if your workspace; mine is currently in a state of disarray 😦

    – Melissa


  9. soulsensecoaching February 1, 2017 — 13:35

    I work completely from home and as I have clients coming around every day, having a tidy home, not just workspace is imperative for me. I really have got into the habit of putting things back in their place and keep my space neat and de-cluttered. Stunning photos!


  10. I work from home 100% of the time. You’re right about about having it tidy .. I really do feel better after it is. Great photos!


  11. It certainly feels better to have a clean room! I make sure that my bedroom and home office are clean all the time because it gives me this peace of mind that I don’t feel when my room is full of clutter. These are lovely room inspirations!


  12. I definitely feel more calm and at ease in a tidy room. There’s something that makes you feel almost zen like with it.


  13. I work a lot at home so this is totally a post for me! So inspiring to see the little offices. Soon we will decorate our office in one room and this was very helpful because it’s just my style


  14. totally agree since creating my own space and tidying up around it i get so much work done and feel much more motivated to work. love the examples make me want to redecorate lol


  15. Totally agree, a clean and neat environment is so essential! It definitely helps me be more productive as clutter just doesn’t work well for me.

    xx, Kusum |


  16. Completely agree! I am experiencing it. As I just moved to a new place. I don’t have a lot of stuff yet, I have to work on my bed and I know how unproductive it gets


  17. I am looking to do up my office space! Thanks for sharing such awesome inspirations! Great space!


  18. I have a specific blog office now so everything is kept separate. It makes my life a lot easier because of it and makes home, home and work, work.


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