How to take photos of clothes

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As I said before, I love to take flat lay photos, so I decided to write about three ways you can photograph your clothes. It was always a bit difficult for me to find a perfect angle and make clothes and footwear look good on their own. It’s much easier when you’re wearing it. Here’s what I like:

Ћао људи! Као што сам рекла пре, волим да фоткам флетлејове, па сам одлучика да пишем на које начине можете фотографисати своју одећу. Увек ми је помало било тешко да нађем савршени угао, те учинити одећу и обућу да изгледа добро. Много је лакше када ту одећу носите на себи. Ево шта се мени допада:

By you

As it’s natural to take selfies, it’s nothing wrong with taking photos of your outfit as well. This way, by using your front camera you can see the screen and find the perfect angle. Automatically you save yourself from the agony of taking 50 photos and struggling with finding the perfect one. 

Као што је данас нормално сликати себиће, сликање одевне комбинације је сасвим океј такође. Овако, користећи предњу камеру можете видети екран и пронаћи савршени угао. Аутоматски се спашавате агоније од фотографисања 50 слика и борбе око проналаска једне савршене. 


Clothes hanger

I think this is my favorite way because it looks the most aesthetic. Don’t you agree? I mean, you probably think clothes look better on people, and it’s true that something that you thought is ugly actually looked awesome on you, but for the rest of the clothes – their main goal is to look good on hanger so that it would be easy to sold.

Мислим да ми је ово омиљени начин јер изгледа највише естетски. Да ли се слажете? Велика је шанса да не јер мислите да је одећа за људе и да на њима боље стоји, и истина је да нешто што је изгледало ружно на офингеру сјајно стоји на вама али остатак одеће је направљен тако да изгледа добро на офингеру да би се лакше продало. 

large-15large-19large-25large-29OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with m5 presetlarge-39

By photographer

Professional shots can look so damn good! These outfits I picked contribute as well, but having someone to take your photos and someone who knows what to do is important too. This is better from the hanger in a way because you can see on someone what goes well with what and also how it looks in many poses and then decide if you want it, if you could wear it similar or better.

Професионалне слике могу тако добро испасти! Одевне комбинације које сам одабрала су допринеле такође, али имати некога да вас фотографише и некога ко зна шта ради је исто битно. Ово је боље од офингера на неки начин због тога што можете видети на људском бићу шта иду добро уз шта и такође како нешто изгледа у различитим позама и онда одлучити да ли тај комад желите, да ли на вама може тако да стоји или чак боље. 


Which way do you prefer? Do you have some special way to photograph clothes? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section bellow.

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Until next time, BS


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  1. Thank you for the tips! Awesome and you have a good day!


  2. Thank you for your helpful post. 🙂 A really like it. The last one is my favorite way to take outfit post. I can’t take selfies about me. I’m sooo lame. I think the selfie is a special art. 😀


  3. I use a photographer but taking selfies is always a lot of fun and far less expensive than hiring a photographer!


  4. I love selfies .. they always have a cool feel about them. I’d never really thought about my preference .. but I think I like the clothes on someone rather than the hanger. Thanks for a fun post!


  5. I’m not fashion blogger but it would be nice to learn how to take better photos of our clothes! I really like these styles that you featured.


  6. This is really interesting! I would think the easiest approach would be hiring a photographer but that is also the most expensive option as well. I really do want to learn to take better photos.


  7. Your photos are awesome! Get it girl!


  8. LOVE the photos!!
    I Love the selfie way when it comes to flat lay outfit pictures


  9. These are some wonderful tips! & some great photos too 🙂 I’ve never really tried to take pictures of clothes, don’t know why – I should try 🙂 haha!


  10. I prefer the last option, but referring to the price to hire a photographer would be expensive, so it’d be a great advantage to use help from a friend or family members to do that.


  11. I always struggle to take photos of my outfits so this post is a definitely bonus for me! I’ll give it a go and hopefully I’ll get my fashion blogging on a bit better 🙂
    Katja xxx


  12. Freya Farrington January 27, 2017 — 13:35

    I found this post really useful and it’s one of my aims to improve more outfit photos for my blog and insta feed, they always seem to be the more popular photos!


  13. wow thank you for sharing! found this so useful!


  14. Awesome shots! I take most of my photos for blog myself using the option 1. I also use my friends as photographers, I wish that one day my blog is so big that I can use a professional. 🙂

    Nora /


  15. Great and so useful tips! I am saving for my first DSLR camera and i hope to upgrade the photos in my blog.


  16. The third option is the best, of course. But as long as I cannot afford a professional photographer, I guess I must be happy with the other options. Great photos, by the way!


  17. I really want to start taking more photo shots but they can def be tricky to take. Ideally photographer would be amazing but the first two are def more doable.


  18. My flat lay technique is 💩 It just looks like a pile of laundry on the floor 😊 I might try it when I’m wearing it like you have in option 1 as that would make it look better. Option 3 would obviously be the best one but my funds don’t stretch to a photographer I’m afraid 😊


  19. I have been photographing clothes lately for selling them on Ebay and if until now I only did it using hangers, I am thinking of using a model in the future. I think that by using a model you give clothes life.


  20. Thank you soo much for posting this 😊… I have some upcoming blog posts where I have some clothing photography and I was wondering how to click pictures ❤…


  21. I love how crisp these photos are! And yeah, it’s good to have tips cuz sometimes your outfit is on fleek and no one is around to take your pic.


  22. Great tips! So far it’s been by clothes hangers. Found it so difficult to take selfies.


  23. dreaminglouddemo January 29, 2017 — 13:35

    Taking selfies is great! I used to take my pictures with a tripod when I don’t have my friend taking my pictures. I am actually get my natural self more when I take pictures on my own but with someone taking pictures you capture backgrounds and different angles very well


  24. Love the style of this type of photography! It’s so hard to photograph yourself lol!


  25. Instead of “make clothes and footwear look good on IT’S own” you should use “make clothes and footwear look good on THEIR own.” Never shot clothes before except to sell old concert shirts on eBay.


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