Instagram update


So, what’s updated on my Instagram? Glad you asked! 

Па, шта се унапредило на мом Инстаграму? Драго ми је да сте питали!


Nothing new – just a bit updated, as the title says. I decided to post selfies for my every other photo. The goal is to be more present on my Instagram, but not to have “just me, myself and I” feed. Balance, they call it. Oh, and I don’t like posting more than two same selfies in a row. That way, as we all take 50 selfies and find just a few ones that are amazing, we won’t feel sad because we don’t have to post just one. I think it’s safe to say that we can post two. Others (that are amazing as well) we can post as #trowback photo, but far, far in the future. 

P.S. When I say the same, I mean same outfit, same makeup, same hairstyle. Not literally the same selfie, but I am sure you understood.

Ништа ново – само малкице унапређено, као што и наслов каже. Одлучила сам да објављујем селфије за сваку другу слику. Циљ је да будем више присутна на Инстаграму, али да feed није ,,само ја, ја и ја”. Равнотежа, рекли би. O, и не волим да објављујем више од 2 иста селфија. Тако да, пошто сви направимо 50ак селфија и одаберемо само пар који су одлични, нећемо бити тужни јер не морамо објавити само један. Мислим да са сигурношћу могу да кажем да можемо објавити 2. Остале (одличне) можемо објавити као  #trowback слику, али у далекој, далекој будућности. 

P.S. Када сам рекла исто, мислила сам на исту одевну комбинацију, исту шминку, исту фризуру. Не на потпуно идентичан селфи, али мислим да сте разумели то. 

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetimg_9357

Flat lays

I still enjoy making flat lays, but I am feeling that I am not at my best. Sure, how hard can it be to make a flat lay? But it is, when you’re trying to make a good one. You have to have nice content, you have to now how to organize them, to know if you want to use marble background or fluffy carpet one or completely white one? 

И даље волим да правим флет лејове, али имам осећај да ми не иду више онако добро као пре. Наравно, колико заправо може бити тешко направити флет леј? Али јесте тешко када желите да буде добар. Морате имати добар садржај, знати како организовати тај исти садржај,  знати да ли желите мермерну позадину, чупави тепих или чисто белу?

img_1440Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


Believe it or not, you can photograph a coffee in many ways. Because I usually study or read something (book or magazine) while I drink coffee, I am most likely going to take photos with mentioned content. But, when the coffee is gorgeous as this one bellow, I don’t see why the coffee can’t be the center of attention.

Веровали или не, кафу можете фотографисати на више начина. Пошто обично учим или читам нешто (књигу или часопис) док пијем кафу, највероватније је да ћу направити слику са поменутим садржајем. Али када је кафа овако лепа као ова испод не видим разлог зашто кафа не може бити у центру пажње. 

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetimg_0955


Oh, friends. You probably thought I don’t have any since I don’t post photos with them on Instagram. The truth is, it’s very hard to explain to normal people that you are trying to have white feed (and perfect one) and that it’s impossible to post those spontaneous pictures with not so white background. Despite of all that I tried and I’ve found a new way. Now I edit our background black and white, or I at least try to find lighter background with some white elements such as that curtain and radiator. 

Пријатељи. Вероватно сте мислили да их немам јер не објављујем слике са њима на Инстаграму.  Истина је у томе да је јако тешко објашњавати нормалним људима да покушавате да имате бели feed (и да је савршен такође) и да је немогуће објавити оне спонтане слике са не тако белом позадином.  Упркос свему томе тражила сам и нашла нови начин. Сада едитујем нашу позадину у црно-бело, или покужавам да нађем бар светлију позадину са неким белим елементима као нпр. та завеса и радијатор.

img_9354Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Not selfies

As a person who takes let’s say pretty good selfies, I am not pretty good with normal photos. And if you’re asking yourselves to what normal am I referring to, not selfies obviously. Not mirror selfies. But, those photos of you that your friend takes, and not your friend photographer. So back to the point, I started posting “not selfies” on Instagram and that’s something new.

Колико ми иду добро селфији, а хајде да кажемо прилично добро, толико ми не иду нормалне слике. И ако се питате шта подразумевам под нормално, па на селфије не мислим очигледно. Ни на селфије у огледалу. Већ мислим на оне слике које је ваша другарица фотографисала. И не ваша дригарица која је фотограф. Поента приче јесте да сам почела да објављујем на Инстаграму ,,не селфије” и то је нешто ново.


What’s updated on your Instagram? What do you usually post?

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Lots of love, BS


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  1. Your instagram feed looks gorgeous! I hardly never update my instagram anymore, such a shame though – I love the app but recently I’ve been lacking things to post there.


  2. These are lovely pictures! Instagram is my favourite social media platform I love posting flatlay pictures!


  3. Loving the way you updated it. I’m not a fan of taking a selfie, so no selfies on my feed, haha. But I post quite a lot of flatlays, everyday things and shots from my travels 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me


  4. Wonderful pictures! I am going to check your Instagram now. And i really like your flats lays!


  5. Gorgeous pictures! You’ve laid out your Instagram feed beautifully.


  6. Beautiful photos (especially your face). I love using Instagram to communicate to people across the world. I love how photographers can be read in every language 🙂


  7. What a beautiful instagram!! And your flatlays are great!!


  8. Freya Farrington January 19, 2017 — 13:35

    I absolutely love Instagram and it’s definitely my favourite social media platform to use. I’ve just followed you! I think you’d like my feed too, all monochrome and minimalist with like you, a body/face shot every other picture!


  9. A nice article – Some very cool pictures. I really like your style – Keep up your good work!


  10. You look absolutely gorgeous and I love your Instagram feed. Love your style ❤ –


  11. Flatlays have always fascinated me, mainly because I have no idea how to execute them myself and ofc a good selfie is always needed!


  12. You are so cute! and your flatlays are good! I read something online once that said less negative space is best and we should always crop it in!


  13. Great post. I’ve changed it up a bit too, selfies, outfit details, places, coffee, and flat lays are my main theme. 🙂 I used to post just flatlays. But I’ve learned that having variety is a great way to attract more people to connect with you. 🙂


  14. What a beautiful Instagram feed. Thanks for sharing your thought process


  15. This post is a reminder for me to look more closely at my Instagram account. I just randomly post pictures there, not even thinking of enhancing or editing them. Those flat lay photos are all so nice. I have to learn to do that sometime too.


  16. Great tips and you are so adorable..thanks for sharing this info 🙂


  17. Great! Thank you for the are so adorable !


  18. Looking forward to implementing some of your suggestions for my own Instagram. I really enjoy that platform and will be sure to check out your account too! 🙂


  19. I post about my traveling tales and adventures on my Instagram. Looking forward to incorporating some of your tips on IG.


  20. Girl you are beautiful… Your selfies are so much better than mine…


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