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Today’s post is going to be a trip down to memory lane, or as they call it nowadays – a #tb. I remember the moment when my friend made me an Instagram account and I consider that moment the break through in my life. As funny as this sounds, but, it has been 3 years since then. I couldn’t imagine my reality without it, it’s the first thing I see in the morning.

The second important moment was probably the one when I started caring about my feed. I just knew I wanted something more than as I call it “Just me, myself and I” Instagrams. I wanted to have a theme. I wanted better quality pictures and in case I suspected something doesn’t match with the feed I would delete those photos with no mercy.

Third important moment was perhaps the one when I met a person who wouldn’t mind taking photos of me – in the other words, someone who would loved to do that. As crazy as we both are about photography and Instagram we became close friends. Perhaps my blog wouldn’t even exist if I haven’t spend so much time and effort on Instagram. If I haven’t met the right persons, and if I was someone else.

Здраво драги моји! Данашњи пост ће бити путовање у прошлост, или како се то данас каже – #tb. Сећам се тренутка када ми је другарица направила Инстаграм и тај моменат сматрам управо прекретницом у мом животу. Колико год смешно звучало, али три године су прошле од тада. Не бих могла замислити моју реалност без њега, то је прво што видим ујутро.

Други битан тренутак је вероватно био када сам почела да бринем о feed-у. Одједном сам знала да желим много више од, како ја то зовем ,,Ја, ја и ја” профила. Желела сам тему, слике бољег квалитета. И у случајевима када сам сумњала да нешто не штима, брисала бих слике без милости.

Трећи важан тренутак је био онај када сам нашла особу којој неће сметати да ме фотографише – другим речима, некога ко ће то врло радо радити. Као залуђеници за Инстаграмом и фотографијом, постали смо блиске пријатељи. Можда мој блог данас не би ни постојао да нисам проводила превише времена и да нисам улагала у Инстаграм. Да нисам упознала праве особе, или да сам неко други.

//Photographs taken – This time, last year//

If you are a blogger, tell me your beginning! In case you relate with me in one of the moments then share with me. If you just liked this post and the photos within, be sure to like it, show to your friends (sharing is caring) and subscribe to my blog to stay updated!

All the best, BS


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  1. Wonderful post! I can’t believe I don’t remember when I started my instagram, I guess it was back then when I got my first phone where I was able to download it haha 😀

    ~ Jasmin N


  2. Well, my Instagram account is less than a year old. Not much to say about it, but I love yours 🙂

    Elena |


  3. I started my blog with a traditional website but then I found myself posting on Instagram more. Then life got in the way until earlier this year when I focused on my traditional website.

    Great photos by the way. Following you on Instagram now 🙂

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer


  4. I started blogging because I wanted an outlet to express my love of all things Disney! After a little while I realized that I could open myself up to different types of posts as well such as lifestyle.


  5. Lovely photos 🙂 It’s good that you found someone that enjoys photography, I need to find a friend like that who can take my photos. I deleted my last instagram as I had linked it to my personal FB so mine is only about 6 months old.


  6. I started blogging 5 years ago but mainly concentrated on craft beer. Since then I’ve expanded my blog but do still occasionally blog about the love of my life, beer ☺
    Katja xxx


  7. Loved reading this! I started instagram as soon as I switched from my Blackberry to my first iPhone, the 4S 🙂 It started out as fun and relaxation. When my boyfriend suggested I start a blog I slowly got my Instagram more professional. At the moment Instragam is one of my main focusses!


  8. It’s actually so nice that you remember your beginnings! And they’re so nice! I know that Instagram struggle…
    For me it was a bit different. I started blogging when I was 11 and at that time blogs were just diaries and for me it stayed that was till I was maybe 18/19. And it still is with the difference that now I know I want more 🙂
    BTW so jealous you have that kind of friend :)) In a good way of course!


  9. So nice to read your begging, mine is quite similar, I just need to find a person who will juat enjoy taking photos and being my right hand xo


  10. Lovely story. I’ve only started blogging about 7-8 moths ago now and it’s been so fun. I don’t really have a theme on my Instagram, I just post randomly and make insta stories when I feel like it. I always try to post pictures from my blogposts as well. xx


  11. It is so important to know what you want! I personally love Instagram because it can inspire so many people .


  12. Loved the story! I’ve used Instagram intensively in the past, but I kind of lost my passion for it.


  13. This is a reminder for me to pay more attention to my IG page. Thank you


  14. Lovely story! I can’t even remember when I started my instagram, but I do use it everyday now (as so many others) 🙂 Instagram is a great way to find some inspiration for blogging or cooking etc.


  15. i’ve been blogging for around 5-6 years i guess before there were instagrams and snapchats and the only important is taking photos solely for my Blog coz that is the only thing exist when i started. i had a change of heart of posting photos in instagram coz i am lazy editing photos, instead, i now posting videos instead, to support my youtube channel as well.


  16. Lovely post 🙂 I just can’t believe that i started my instagram account in ’12 and I guess it was back then when I got my new iPhone 😀


  17. You’re photos are gorgeous! Yes we’ve found its so important role have great pics on our blog posts and instagram. Ree Love30


  18. I love instagram! I’m a visual person and I find it so much better than other types of social media lol!


  19. great post, I started a blog so I could get all my ramblings out of my head and share them with people who would understand and my instagram is fairly new and still finding it’s feet, I barely post to it which is a shame since i love photography.


  20. For me it was coming back from grad school and my internship feeling restless about what to do. I attended a beauty event and somehow that day I wrote about it. From then came the thought of creating my site. Haven’t looked back since.


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