Summer ootd 

White dress, black sandals and some cool sunglasses! And of course – bronze tan. You cannot be pale on Summer, it’s the rule number 1. 

When it’s Summer the best way not to get overheated is to wear white/ not to wear black (at least not at daytime). We can’t be more than 12 hours without black clothes, duh. Also, you have to drink a lot of fluids, don’t mess with your health. 

Bela haljina, crne sandale i kul naočare! I naravno – malo preplanulog tena. Pravilo broj 1 glasi da na leto ne smemo biti bledi.

Kada je leto, najbolji način da se ne pregrejete je da nosite belo/ne nosite crno (bar ne preko dana). Ne možemo biti više od 12 sati bez crne odeće, logično. I takođe, morate piti puno tečnosti, ne šalite se sa zdravljem.

Do you know what’s even better than white dress on Summer? Well, it’s white laced dress! There is something between white and lace that makes the outfit perfect for Summer. This dress is all about the details. I love this design of the laced part also as the transparent lace on both sides and slightly opened backs. 

Znate li šta je bolje od bele haljine na leto? Pa, to je bela čipkana haljina! Ima neka veza između bele boje i čipke što ovu kombinaciju čini savršenom za leto. Ova haljina je skroz o detaljima. Volim mustru čipkanog dela kao i providnu čipku na obe strane i pomalo otvorena leđa.

My hair has actually grown and I’m not sure if I still like it. I am considering three options at the moment. First – grey ombre, which I’m obsessed with. Second is to dye my hair in my natural color. I guess I miss looking at the mirror and seeing my rich brown hair. And third option is obviously to calm down and let my hair grow, just to stop doing her harm. 

Moja kosa je prilično narasla i nisam sigurna da li mi se sviđa još uvek. Razmatram tri opcije u ovom trenutku. Prva – sivi ombre kojim sam opsednuta. Druga je da se ofarbam u moju prirodnu boju. Mislim da mi nedostaje da se gledam u ogledalo i da vidim moju bogatu braon boju kosu. Treća opcija, očigledno, je da se smirim i da pusim moju kosu da raste, jednostavno da joj ne nanosim još više štete. 

Dress: H&M

Sandals: Office Shoes

Nails: C nails

Photography: Bojana Krejić

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BS, xx


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  1. Hi! 🙂
    I love your dress! I’m so into lace clothes at the moment! The dress really suits you!
    Have a lovely evening!
    Xo Leni

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  2. Cute dress! I love lace and this is such a lovely outfit for summer.

    Rosie |

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very pretty. Girls look extra dainty in white, no matter what the season is.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anastasia Nicole July 27, 2016 — 13:35

    This look was perfect when I firs saw it and then you turned and I could see the mesh panels. This dress is everything! Great post love.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Summer is the best time to wear white! I agree, it’s refreshing to the eyes and it adds a certain coolness, perfect for the summer heat. It’s more comfy too!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This is an amazing outfit. It looks gigantic and gorgeous. Thanks for sharing

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  7. I love the background in your shots. “Queen B” is a David Bowie song!

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  8. This is a super sweet dress. I personally don’t have something similar yet but I absolutely love it. Great choice! And your hair looks great by the way!

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  9. I think your hair looks great as it is and your dress is so gorgeous hun xx

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  10. I love this look on you. The white dress is super cute and the black sandals combined with your structured bob gives your over look a very edgy feel.

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  11. You look lovely. I love the sunglasses.

    Ami xxx

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  12. That is a really cute dress I love your hair cut.

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  13. Love the lace detail on the sides!! You look both cool and chic, absolutely beautiful!

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  14. Beautiful black & white colors combination! The high heels + red nails = amazing look!

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  15. Gorgeous outfit! So simple, yet chic and elegant 🙂

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  16. Super stylish indeed. Love the hairstyle too 🙂

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  17. Such a fine lady! You totally rock on that white dress!

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