Nails, nails and nails 

As a little girl, I was interested in coloring my nails with pencils, markers, you name it, until the day I was introduced with nail polishes. So, as I grew older my desire grew along with me.   

Kao devojčica, bila sam zainteresovana za bojenje mojih noktiju sa olovkama, flomasterima, bilo čime, sve do dana kada su me upoznali sa lakovima za nokte. Kako sam rasla i moja želja je rasla sa mnom.

One day I wasn’t satisfied with nailpolishes anymore because they wouldn’t last long enough or they would peal after a day. And yes, I was a person who always gets her nails smudgy because I couldn’t wait for them to dry. 

Jednog dana više nisam bila zadovoljna sa lakovima zato što nisu trajali dugo ili bi se gulili posle jednog dana. I da, bila sam osoba kojoj se nokti ucmuljaju jer nikad nisam mogla dočekati da se osuše. 

When gradutaion came my nails were done in gel and the person responsible for them is still doing my nails. Currently I switched to acrylic because my nails look thinner, they’re stronger and corrections are shorter.   

Kada je matura došla imala sam gel na noktima i osoba odgovorna za to mi i dalje radi nokte. Trenutno sam prešla na akril zato što mi nokti izgledaju tanje, čvršći su, i korekcije traju kraće. 

Before you decide to do your nails in gel or acrylic you should know that the constant use of gel or acrylic can do harm to your nails. Read all about it in this article HERE.

Pre nego što se odlučite za gel ili akril, treba da znate da konstantna upotreba gela ili akrila može naneti štetu vašim noktima. Pročitajte sve o tome u ovom članku OVDE.

NAILS DONE BY: C nails salon

Which one is your favorite? What are your thoughts about acrylic? How many nail polishes do you own? If you liked this post, give the thumbs up, comment, share with your girl friends and follow my blog to stay updated!

Hugs and kisses, BS


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  1. Love all of these! 😍

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  2. Lovely nail art inspiration! I really love some of them (ง︡’-‘︠)ง

    ♡ * Le blog de la Licorne * ♡

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  3. Omg! This is just amazing. The French manicure is my favorite ❤

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  4. I love the black goth look! Quite intense. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  5. I never have had fake nails on as I have really hard a nice nails! I am really a rare lucky one 🙂

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  6. Hey!

    I love your nail polish selections, especially the nude shade (my boyfriends likes nude shades on my nails), but I haven’t tried wearing faux nails, and that kind of nail pointy shape…

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  7. The black looks amazing! 😍😍 Ree Love30

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  8. Your nails are goals! I never tried gel nor acrylic as I’ve heard some horror stories on that. But I did try semi permanent and it’s great! My nails are quite frails and this nail polish keeps them stronger and I can finally grow them!

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  9. Simple and chick selection, as male as I am, this will serve well to my girl better. Thanks for sharing.


  10. I love doing my nails. And I think I own about 30 nail polishes (maybe more). I usually just use nail polish. I like the brands Essie and OPI. Love the pictures in this article. Maybe I want yo try out some more on my nails.


  11. How often do you change the colour of them? For each different outfit, weekly or…?

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  12. loved all the nail looks. i try very hard to maintain mine but being in the pet industry. i always seem to get my nails either chipped off accidentally or broken

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  13. I love them all I really should get my nails done as i used to love doing my nails all the time, just need to find a place that does what i like 🙂

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