Somewhere far away

Hi guys, remember me?

As I said in my previous post First blog post I also like when I’m the one that’s photographed. I think it’s fun, making different poses and facial expressions. It allows you to be someone else, for a second or two. You can even have a backup story in your head for the character you’re trying to be if you’re having troubles to act differently than you’d normally act.

Ćao ljudi, sećate li me se? Kao što sam rekla u mom prethodnom postu First blog post, sviđa mi se takođe kad sam ja predmet fotografije. Mislim da je zabavno, praviti različite poze i izraze lica. Dozvoljava ti da budeš neko drugi, na sekundu ili dve. Mozeš imati i priču lika koji želiš da budeš, u svojoj glavi, ako imaš problema da deluješ onako kako inače ne bi.

Photography by Bojana Krejić

Have you ever been on a photo shoot? Do you like to take photographs? If you liked this post be sure to like, leave me some cute comment and follow my blog!

BS, xo xo  



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  1. Gorgeous pictures and love those black and white pic.

    Kintan XOX,

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  2. Lovely photos! I also love the location of your photo shoot.

    I love photography and I enjoy taking pictures. I also kinda like when people take photos of me, but I never know how to pose, so I like candids more. I’ve never been on a real photo shoot, but sometimes my sister and I take photos of each other and we pretend to be in a real photo shoot 🙂

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  3. These are great pictures and love the coat!

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  4. Photography shoots sounds like a lot of fun. It’s a great way to release stress in your life. Somedays I wish I was someone else.

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  5. I’m usually the one taking the photos but being on the other side is so much fun! you are gorgeous, by the way – love the photos!

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  6. Yes, it is fun! Now just to find someone who is willing to spend the day taking pictures of me 🙂 …. I totally dig bilingual posts like these, especially, when I understand both languages!

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  7. You’re so pretty! Great photos and yes I love a photo shoot. Although I always pick myself apart! Ree love30

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  8. Anastasia Nicole October 28, 2016 — 13:35

    Beautiful photos. They have a very vintage vibe.
    xx | A

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  9. Oh honey I’d also love to be photographed if I was as stunning as you. Looking beautiful girl 🙂
    Katja xxx

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  10. You have a very pretty face and seem comfy in front of the camera. Well done 🙂 Do you watch the series Vampire Diaries? On some photos you look quite similar to the main actress, Nina Dobrev! XX

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  11. Such lovely photos! The photography is fantastic! Very atmospheric location and editing.

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